Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Petak Umpet ( Hide and Seek )

Hide and seek games were playing  through out the archipelago. It's the most legendary game. Although with different names - different and slightly modified but essentially the more you play the more you will have fun. 

Another name of Petak Umpet ( hide and seek ) are : dhelikanjethungan, jilumpet,  jepungan, Ta 'seek and turns in Papua also exists with the name yango yango.

first of all collect more than three people to follow in this game.Because one person would be 'the case', namely the need to findthat on the hide. So look for lots of people are lurking just a little Kalo's not fun, I'll finish the game cepet. Before playing, the wholeplayers usually do Hompipa to determine who is looking for and who is hiding. . And that hiding will hide as far as possible. If you find other players he would run in areas where she had her last count and the player's name were found earlier.

The most exciting is when the guard will look for other players.Normally he would leave his watchAnd friends who would hide out and touch the place earlier, and then say jipung ........ So the guard's quest to repeat againWhen all players have found it to be a guardian is the person who first discoveredAnother way in whichthe election held by the guard is facing towards the guard and then that had been captured or found by a guard standing behind him, then the guard said the serial number that stood in belakanganya,for which elected then he should keep. The games continues.............. increasingly tense ............ getting tired .............until time is running out and every kids must return to their home.....

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